“My EFT session with Lesley has had a great effect on me.  Before the session I was struggling to express myself creatively and felt really blocked with my writing.  With Lesley’s expert guidance she led me through the tapping sequences.  Lesley intuitively picked up on the root of the matter and piece by piece we released the block.  Lesley is calm and focused and really held the space for great healing to occur.  I left the session feeling lighter and my perspective about the situation had been completely transformed for the better.  I wholeheartedly recommend EFT with Lesley.”


“Having had two Reiki sessions with Lesley, I would not hesitate to recommend her. It was a new experience for me and I was amazed at how quickly I relaxed. Lesley was responsive to my needs and totally professional.”


“My Reiki treatment was most relaxing and enjoyable.  Lesley explained the treatment thoroughly before asking if there were any areas that she needed to work on e.g. stress.  I felt very comfortable throughout the treatment and extremely relaxed after it.”


“Whilst chatting with Lesley after a meeting I happened to mention how I’d been feeling lately, confiding that  my usual fairly easy take on life seemed to have deserted me over some very minor personal blips, leaving me feeling over anxious with tense neck and shoulders, chest discomfort and palpitations.  My GP had run tests and found nothing untoward, so this should have reassured me, but the symptoms persisted and I still felt  on edge and unable to fully relax.

Lesley is warm and empathetic with a real ‘listening ear’, and without hesitation she suggested that Reiki could help me and proposed 4 sessions of Reiki, over 4 consecutive days, which I gladly accepted.

On day one, Lesley arrived at my home and in her calm and capable way she  made me feel comfortable and at ease, set some soothing music playing and began the session.  I closed my eyes and throughout this treatment I was aware  of a profusion lights – white, golden and pinkish.  My senses seemed heightened and I felt the pleasant sensation of heat flowing from Lesley’s hands and warm tingling through my feet.  After the treatment, I noticed  a dull headache and felt ready for an early night.  I slept really well and the following day my head cleared and my shoulders were no longer aching.

Day two I wore an eye mask to blank out any daylight and enjoyed a warm and relaxing treatment.  Afterwards I had no headache, just a pleasant calm feeling and I again slept soundly that night.

Day three, again with soothing music and eye mask, I felt in a state of complete calm and very relaxed.  By day four all anxiety had left me and during the  treatment I actually drifted away into a light sleep.

Now two weeks later I feel restored and back to a calm, ‘laid back’ state, more able to cope with life’s ups and downs. I feel so grateful to Lesley for caring, for taking the time to treat me and getting me on an even keel once more.

I have no hesitation in recommending Reiki treatments with Lesley.”

Jacqueline Woodcock