Reiki for humans

During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels the pure “chi” energy through their hands to you, accelerating your natural ability to heal yourself, physically or mentally, or regain a state of balance.

Reiki is an “intelligent energy” and will go where it is needed. It is about enabling positive change.

People have reported many benefits:

  • improvement in general well-being
  • acceleration of the natural healing process
  • boosting levels of energy
  • enhanced sleep
  • more relaxed and calm – by reducing levels of stress and anxiety
  • more able to make important decisions
  • increased self-esteem
  • clarity of thought
  • enjoy an enhanced quality of life

The list is endless…..

Receiving a Reiki treatment from me ….

You lay on a treatment table – or sit in a chair if that’s more comfortable – and you remain fully clothed – you just need to remove your shoes metal objects like a watch and glasses if you wear them. I will then lay my hands lightly on or hover them over your body, in a series of positions for a few minutes in each position. During the treatment, energy – called “chi” – is channelled through me to you, enabling a state of balance. The “intelligent energy” will go where it is needed.

The first consultation will usually take an hour and a half, but the treatment generally lasts an hour.

What will you experience?

You may feel warmth from my hands, see coloured lights, have a feeling of floating or sinking, be aware, but relaxed, or drift off to sleep. You may feel nothing – but be assured that the Reiki energy is giving you what you need at that moment. Each treatment you have is often a very different experience, so do read the testimonials to see the variety of experiences some of my clients have.

I would suggest that you contact me to discuss your needs and how many treatments will help rebalance your life. This could be several treatments with a week in between, or four treatments over four days, and any combination in between – it will be entirely up to you.

“We cannot resist change, but we can choose the direction of change.”

Kennon Callahan

Location and prices

Treatment room at Total Image Beauty, 2 Church Walk, Babnury

One treatment: £30.00         Four treatments paid in advance: £99.00