Reiki courses

When I made the decision to learn more about Reiki and start the Level 1 course – Shoden – a Master Reiki Teacher who had completed her training with my inspirational teacher, Alexander, said, “You’ll absolutely love it – it has completely changed my life!” She was right – I do love giving and receiving Reiki, and it has completely changed my life for the better. If you would like to know more, do contact me………..

Below is an idea of the main elements of each course.

Reiki First Degree  – Shoden You will:-

  • learn about the history of Mikao Usui and his system of Reiki
  • explore Mikao Usui’s precepts and how to implement them into your life
  • receive three Reiju empowerments
  • take part in practical energy exercises
  • learn how to perform daily Hatsurei ho
  • be able to do the Usui self-treatment meditation
  • learn how to give friends and family treatments

Reiki Second Degree –  Okuden  ( Practitioner) You will:-

  • deepen your understanding of Reiki and its energies
  • receive three Reiju empowerments – the focus, harmony and connection kotodamas
  • learn about the two major energy symbols and how to meditate on them and use them in treatments
  • learn how to perform distant healing
  • learn about Reiji ho and working intuitively
  • deepen your practice of treatments on each other so that you are able to practice publicly

 Reiki Master Teacher – Shinpiden  You will:-

  • receive three Reiju empowerments at Master level
  • receive a “Western” Master attunement
  • learn how to attune others “Western” style at all three levels
  • experience energies focusing on the Master symbols
  • learn how to use the Master symbols when working on yourself and others
  • work with your intuition; expanding your experience of Reiji ho, perceive the chakras and “mind’s eye” visual shortcuts
  • learn how to carry out Reiju empowerments and practice on each other
  • learn about the empowerment Kotodama
  • be given guidelines on how to teach courses

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